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A new approach to solar

Our vision: Solar energy 3.0

This innovative approach addresses the challenges of the energy transition and provides a sustainable solution to the risks facing operating plants. To anchor solar energy in tomorrow's energy model, we are convinced that it is necessary to promote innovation and digital technologies at all levels of the energy chain. By mastering the data, it becomes possible to effectively manage installations and guarantee optimal performance and service life. Through our digital applications, we also help maintenance professionals to improve their skills and gain commercial and operational efficiency.

Who we are ?

A start-up founded by experienced photovoltaic professionals, Feedgy offers a new approach to technical management of photovoltaic power plants, built on performance optimization, technological innovation and digitalization.

Our vocation - to use the most innovative technologies and put our technical and commercial expertise at the service of solar installation owners and maintenance professionals in order to exploit the full potential of photovoltaic plants and develop a sector of excellence.

We have skills and expertise in all areas of solar energy - technical, financial, legal, project management, data management. These skills we make available to our network of technical partners to provide more services for a sustainable and efficient solar energy.

Our activities

Performance analysis
Services for maintenance professionals
Turnkey projects and power plant optimization

The founders & managers

Harold Darras
Yan Baratte
Managing director
Marko Pavlov
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