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Optimize & control the performance of power plants

Expertise and know-how

In collaboration with maintenance companies, we propose a 4-step approach. With specific tools and adapted services, we offer controlled projects from A to Z and total serenity to all installation owners. At each stage Feedgy makes available to its customers and partners its technical, financial and operational expertise

Tools for controlled performance

Serving the owners of photovoltaic power plants

1. Free online self-diagnosis

Does your plant really produce what it should?

In a few clicks and in less than five minutes, we are able to give you a first estimate of the state of your plant. With Q-score, you know how much you can earn by using Feedgy.

Evaluate your power plant


The audit of new generation performance

Through the analysis of production data using our unique algorithms, we establish a precise diagnosis of the performance of your installation - identification of degradations, quantification of production losses, recommendations for improvement solutions and revenue projection.

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A turnkey upgrade

With our technical partners, we implement the solutions recommended during the audit to achieve a minimum 10% increase in production. We ensure the perfect execution of the work and guarantee you total serenity by mastering all aspects of the project, from a technical, legal, financial and insurance point of view.

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In a few clicks, evaluate the performance of your plant and discover what Feedgy can do for you